Why does your baby not increase height 4 consecutive months?

My child is 11 months old, weighs 9.4 kg and is 70 cm tall. I am very worried because in the last 4 months, he has not increased his height, so please consult a doctor


A weight of 9.4 kg with an 11-month-old baby is within the normal limits.

The height of 70 cm in children 11 months is equivalent to -1.97 D according to the WHO growth chart. In the last four months, your baby has not increased in height, so your child’s height growth is abnormal.

Usually if the child’s height is less than -2SD or the growth rate is less than 4 cm a year and malnutrition has been ruled out, he or she may fall into a situation of delayed growth.

Delayed height development is not only related to nutritional or genetic factors but also to many other causes such as endocrine (growth hormone deficiency, hypothyroidism), fetal malnutrition, fetus weight loss, chromosomal abnormalities (Turner syndrome, Down syndrome), certain types of anemia (sickle cell anemia), chronic diseases (kidney, heart, digestive, lung disease), trauma Psychological, consequences of using a drug during pregnancy of the mother … There are also cases of delayed growth of height but unidentified cause called idiopathic low.

To know the exact cause, you need to take your baby to see a general pediatrician and endocrinologist.