The climate in our country is characterized by hot and humid weather, heavy rain is a high risk factor for hemorrhoids in people who have never had it, and it is easier to relapse worse for people who have a history of acute hemorrhoids.

Why symptoms of acute hemorrhoids appear more hot season? Hemorrhoids (also called domed hemorrhoids) are caused by an excess of the veins (aneurysms) in the rectum and anus causing inflammation, swelling or congestion (bleeding). According to TTT. BSCC CK2 Hoang Dinh Lan – Vice Chairman and General Secretary of Vietnam Rectal Anal Association: Everyone has hemorrhoids but is called hemorrhoids when suffering from a disease. Hemorrhoids have a physiological task to open the muscles to better defecate. When pathology means acute and chronic hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids degree 2, degree 3 is chronic hemorrhoids. And acute hemorrhoids are bloody defecation, there are 4 forms, when the bowel movement is completed, there is blood, dripping in feces, spitting blood, oozing from the apple for a long time, accompanied by burning pain, even having embolism and semi-occlusive.

For patients with acute hemorrhoids, the heat will increase vasodilation, painful discomfort more when sweating, especially when prolapsed hemorrhoids. At that time, the piles of hemorrhoids are at risk of bigger and more painful swelling. With severe hemorrhoids with dripping water, the hot season will cause more odor and cause inflammation of the hemorrhoids. Typical causes are: – When the weather is hot and sweaty, it causes a lot of itching feeling, if the body is not clean, it can easily lead to anal itching and cause hemorrhoids for people who have never had it. – In the hot season, outdoor temperatures are often higher than body temperature, making people feel tired, anorexia, skipping meals or eating through speakers, causing bowel movement erratic, food being deposited. should indigestion occur, gradually will lead to hemorrhoids. – Hot season foods easily degenerate, if eaten rancid food is very easy to acute enteritis, causing diarrhea, enabling hemorrhoids to attack.

– When the weather is hot, people often like to drink ice cold items to cool down temporarily. However, when the body is hot, drinking cold water will make the blood circulation less and slower, which is detrimental to the digestive system and forms hemorrhoids. – Men often drink beer, wine and coffee to refresh themselves and like to eat hot spicy food, lots of meat and vegetables. These are all stimulants that make people prone to constipation and cause hemorrhoids. – Office people often have a sedentary habit, when the weather is hot, sitting in a room with cool air conditioning will arise psychologically afraid to go out, making hemorrhoids more likely to appear. – For some frail people, when they are in a cool air-conditioned environment, when they step outside, the sudden change in body temperature is very susceptible to shock, the circulatory system stops, blood circulation returns. , easily cause hemorrhoids.

– For patients who have a history of the disease, the symptoms will be worse because the high temperature increases the level of vasodilation, the hemorrhoids are more likely to swell and hurt. Some patients with level 4 hemorrhoids are accompanied by oozing, the hot sweating season makes bacteria more likely to proliferate, causing more odor and inflammation of the hemorrhoids. In order to get rid of acute hemorrhoids, recurrent hot weather, patients should choose a reasonable diet to increase exercise, avoid constipation such as eating lots of fresh green vegetables, drinking enough water, limiting food. eat hot spicy and stimulants (alcohol, coffee, chili, pepper, …), sports regularly every day.

Currently, the prevention and treatment of acute hemorrhoids can be taken without a prescription and is effectively proven through numerous clinical studies. When symptoms of hemorrhoids such as bleeding, itching, burning pain … need to use drugs to fully resolve these symptoms. In particular, Oriental medicine prioritizes the use of safe herbs for people with acute hemorrhoids to combat constipation, hemostasis, increase elasticity and sustainability of artery walls to help prevent effective recurrence of hemorrhoids. People with internal and external hemorrhoids should be treated early to avoid complications.