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When is cough medicine good?

The doctor let me ask, terpin codeine and pectol syrup should be taken when, before eating or after eating how many minutes is good? Are there any side effects when taking this medicine? I thank the doctor!

Manh Cuong (Ben Tre)

Cough medicines are quite popular drugs on the market, and patients buy them for their own use. However, it should be noted that these cough medicines all have unwanted effects like many other drugs, including those with herbal ingredients. Cough medications are more or less acting on the gastric mucosa, causing an imbalance between the protective factor of the gastric mucosa and the factors that destroy HCL + pepsin, so with cough medications including cough with sputum or cough without sputum should be considered when using, especially in people with gastric disease or in cases requiring prolonged use of drugs.

In addition, these types of cough medicine also cause a number of side effects such as increased sweating, constipation, dental disease, fatigue and prolonged sleepiness. When users experience the above undesirable effects, depending on the degree, there are appropriate management measures such as encouraging patients to drink plenty of water, eat lots of vegetables and fruits such as sweet potatoes, bananas, papayas and other High fiber foods. Encourage the patient to increase movement and exercise to enhance intestinal motility. In severe constipation, laxatives such as sorbitol and enemas can be taken.