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Doctor, I’m 30 years old I have had to go out every morning for the past half year, and after breakfast I have a stomach ache and want to continue. Some days go to 2-3 times. Currently, I have to abstain from eating anything. Exciting alcohol or eating strange things, the stomach cramps up, 5-6 times a day … Ask the doctor, what am I having? How can I get rid of illness?

(N.X.T – Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City)

With what you describe, you may have irritable bowel syndrome or colonic spasm. According to scientific research statistics, the human clock works as follows:

From 21-23h is the time when the immune system (lymphocytes) is poisoned (eliminating toxins).

From 23h – 1am is the time of liver detox.

From 1h – 3am is the time to read the secret of honey.

From 3am – 5am is the detox time of the lung.

From 5 – 7 am the time when the large intestine is poisoned.

From 7am – 9pm the time when the small intestine absorbs the most nutrients.

After a day and night, the stool moves through the intestines and stops here, large enough, waiting until 5-7 am when the large intestine to cleanse will stimulate the rectum – the anus to eject. So it is normal to go outside at around the time after waking up, following your body’s biological clock.

However, after breakfast, you want to go out again, lasting for at least half a year so it could be because your colon is sensitive. The science is called irritable bowel syndrome or colonic spasm.

In normal people, after eating, due to natural neurological reflexes, intestinal peristalsis will increase a little to push the stool out and then decrease. But with irritable bowel syndrome, due to sensitive colon, after eating peristalsis increased 3 times compared to normal people and decreased slowly. This leads to shorter bowel movements. Feces have not been fully absorbed, and nutrients have been contracted out so it is difficult to form, liquid and live.

When using alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages cause acetic acid, lactic acid generated in the intestine. When acting on sensitive bowel nerves, increased bowel motility will exacerbate the severity of the disorder. It is this abnormal increase in bowel motility that causes the colon to constrict, causing pain and wanting to go away immediately.

When experiencing such a situation, you need to limit alcohol, apply a diet high in fiber and exercise, avoid thinking, stress. In addition, you should use herbal products that stabilize the colon. Applying this, your condition will be reduced by 80-90%.