Question: Dear pharmacist, for last 2 months, I often have low back pain and when I stand for a long time, I feel numbness in my legs, it feels like the pain running from my back, hips and butt to the heel that makes it very difficult for me to move. I took pain medicines but the condition still repeated. I also went for X-ray scan of spine but the doctor concluded it was normal. Currently, I am very confused and don’t know what is the causes of my back pain and numbness in the legs and how to treat. Please help me. Thanks!

(Hoai An, 34 years old, Long An)

Answer: Hi Hoai An!

As you described, your numbness may be due to varicose veins that cause anemia to soft tissues, as well as damaged nerves that cause a burning sensation and stiffness. Moreover, back pain (normal result of X-ray) is a functional back pain (muscle tendon, ligament system around the affected spine has not appeared on bones, so X-ray result is normal).

To treat and minimize this situation, you should combine exercise, massage your arms and legs, work in the correct position or change position, exercise properly every time about 15- 30 minutes regularly and have back and leg exercises 3 times/ day for good blood circulation, avoid lying in a place too long leading to osteoarthritis. You should also limit intake of foods high in starch, sugar, fat…

In addition, you should use Tisore – “Khu phong hoa thap Xuan Quang” – a type of medicine to treat pain in joints, muscle, tendon numbness, low back pain, kidney tonic, circulatory system of acupuncture spots…. manufactured by Xuan Quang Oriential Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Tisore – “Khu phong hoa thap Xuan Quang” is a combination of valuable medicines: Eucommia ulmoides, Araliaceae, Dipsacaceae, Homalomena, Rhizoma Rhei, Angelica sinensis, Ligusticum striatum, Gentiana macrophylla Pallas, Rhizoma Rhehmaniae, Clematis chinensis osbeck, Cinnamomum, Glycyrrhiza uralensis… which help to cure the cause completely.


Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical wishes you good health!