Vision and Mission


Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. strives to become one of the leading Oriental Pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam. We will continue to contribute many high quality herbal medicines to improve the quality of life.


– Always provide a wide range of high quality herbal medicines, to be the most prestigious and trustworthy name in the Oriental Pharmaceutical industry. Protect and improve one’s health is always our first priority.

– Build a dynamic and effective working environment for employees. Support and motivate employees to develop new ideas and creative solutions to bring efficiency in the development of the company, and to build up a successful career.

– Research and apply modern technologies in manufacturing to produce the most effective herbal medicines, to satisfy the aspiration for a more healthier life.


Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. guarantees that high-quality products are continually being created to satisfy the health care needs of customers:

– Professional ethics.

– Research and prepare new medicines that can cure diseases, bring good health to human beings, therefore, the product quality and good conduct in business are the top priority of Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

– For human beings: satisfying customers’ needs is the long-lasting and persistent existence of Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.