Treatment of constipation in children

Children 2 years old this year, children often constipated. I fed my baby more vegetables but did not help, someone told me to treat constipation by rubbing his stomach daily.

Please consult your doctor.

Le Thu

Constipation is a common symptom of any age, and it is not an unknown problem in children. If parents do not have proper attention, constipation can last, affecting the health and psychology of children. Many people think that when rubbing the abdomen, the intestines will be motile but actually constipation function in children (chronic constipation) is not peristalsis or non-peristalsis. The number of patients with constipation due to decreased peristalsis is very small and need to use medicine, but rubbing the belly does not work; functional constipation often due to improper diet, drink and living habits. Therefore, to cure constipation, it is necessary to know the cause from which to resolve this situation.

To treat constipation for children, need to practice the habit of defecating daily for children, toilet time is about 3-5 minutes. Do not scold or spank if your child does not cooperate. In addition, children need to eat fruits and vegetables regularly during and between meals. Limit the amount of cow’s milk consumed per day. Children aged 18 months should consume only 500ml of cow’s milk per day. Drink enough water.

For infants who are completely breastfed and have symptoms of delayed bowel movements (a few days after having a bowel movement, stool is still soft), it is almost normal for parents to follow up. For children with hard stools that cause difficult bowel movements, anal fissures, a doctor’s intervention is required. If the child has stools, it must be removed immediately. If stools are not present, treatment must be maintained immediately.