Solution for anorexia in children

Question: Hi pharmacist. My baby is nearly 5 years old this year, but he is very anorexic. I have consulted and applied many ways but the situation is still not satisfactory. Can you give me some advice on solutions for anorexia in children? Thank you so much!

(Bich Ngoc, Tien Giang)

Answer: Hi Bich Ngoc.

The baby’s meal seems to be the struggle of the whole family, especially for the anorexic children. Finding the cause and treating it completely to make children eat better is the concern of many parents. Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical is very happy to give you some advice, hoping to help you improve the children’s anorexia, help children eat more actively and absorb food better.

You should:

– Let your children eat when it is hungry: This is the time when the children crave the most. So parents pay attention to the appropriate time to feed your children.

– Decorate food: To help children excited, interested in food, parents should make colorful dishes, attractive decoration to help children eat well, absorb food well.

– Encourage children to exercise: Exercise will help children be healthier, quickly consume energy, increase blood circulation and metabolism in the body, thereby making children crave. and eat better. Depending on their interests, ages, you should choose the appropriate sports such as playing toys, running, preparing meals with mom, walking with children outdoors, or doing light sports to help your baby be active, etc.

– Change diets: You should add more food to the menu, always change the children’s taste with a variety of dishes and balance the nutrient groups in the children’s daily meals.

– Eat many times a day: Children should be fed into many meals, low in quality, so that children do not feel afraid to eat each time they are full or force-fed. A child can eat 3-5 small meals a day.

– Let your children eat by themselves if possible: Self-feeding also makes children more interested in eating and mothers will feel more secure when children go to kindergarten because they can eat by themselves.

For children who are underweight due to anorexia, in addition to paying attention to the diet, the way of feeding, parents should consult the nutritionist to monitor the fitness, appropriate diet. In addition to the diet, parents should also supplement support products when the child goes through physiological anorexia or pathological anorexia. The anorexia cases mentioned above must be experienced by them and timely support is essential.

Currently on the market, there are many effective anorexic support products to help children with good food metabolism, fast hunger, natural cravings, among which Thanh tam ba bo Xuan Quang helps children eat better, treats of children’s illnesses such as: poor digestion, poor appetite, rickets, lack of sleep, night crying, sweating… which is trusted and chosen by parents.

You should not:

– Let children eat and drink at the same time: Eating and drinking will make children feel full, eat less.

– Force-feed: The force-feeding will make children feel afraid, inhibit psychology and fear of eating.

– Let children absorb nutrients in a passive way: Letting children play and then quickly putting food in their mouth makes children eat only without absorbing many nutrients of food.

– Give children snacks: Do not give your baby snacks, especially before meals, it will make children feel full so they become lazy to eat.

– Let children eat and watch electronic game, television, ipad at the same: Eating and watching at the same time will reduce the child’s ability to absorb food, reduce the ability to crave food.

– Arbitrarily give children medicine: Addition of vitamins, syrup, products to support anorexic children is necessary, but you should choose quality, effective products produced by the reputable pharmaceutical manufacturer. Currently on the market there are some children’s anorexia products that are very cheap but do not guarantee the prestige, quality, effectiveness, which can adversely affect children’s health. You need to consult a physician as well as find out the company before using the product.

Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical wishes you and your baby happy and healthy!