Scientists at Johns Hopkins University, USA, published a study in the European Respiratory Journal that showed that nutrients in tomatoes and other fresh fruits may help restore lung function in smokers. leaves.

This conclusion was made after conducting an evaluation study of a diet high in tomatoes, fruits and lung function of 650 adult smokers through a questionnaire about diet, nutrients. and overall lung function test results in 2002 and reevaluated in 2012. Factors such as age, height, gender, body mass index, financial status, activity Society is taken into account. According to scientists, smokers who eat two or more tomatoes per day have a slower decline in lung function than those who eat less tomatoes or do not eat in the daily diet. However, this effect is only observed in tomatoes, fresh fruit, not with foods like tomato sauce. “This study shows that diet can help repair lung damage in smokers and also shows that a diet rich in fruits can slow down the natural aging process in the lungs even. in non-smokers, “said Vanessa Garcia-Larsen, the study’s lead author.