Should it fasting to detoxify, purify the liver?

Question: Hi pharmacist. Someone advised me to purify and detoxify the liver once a month by fasting or eating clean vegetables and drinking plenty of water. So is it true? Do I need liver detoxification if I eat healthy and exercise regularly?

 (Ho Minh Nhi, Ba Ria)



The measures you mentioned are considered beneficial to the liver and kidneys. However, drinking lots of water and fasting in moderation is beneficial in terms of science. At the same time, make sure to use safe and clean food to help protect the liver.

The problem is how to have food and safe drinking water. Not to mention that we can get hepatitis B and C from blood or genital (not through eating). Vietnam has a high rate of hepatitis B infection: 8.8% in women and 12.3% in men. In addition, every day, we face a lot of risk factors for poisoning such as dust, tobacco smoke, toxic chemicals from food, household appliances … Therefore, poisoning is possible.

In summary, when the risk of hepatotoxicity is high, it is necessary to increase the ability to detoxify, proactively fight liver toxicity and protect the liver. However, thorough research and consultation with experts in the selection of radical, safe and effective liver detoxification methods is needed. Forvim – Ngan Kieu giai doc gan Xuan Quang is an effective solution to detoxify the liver every day. Forvim is a product manufactured by Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., under the approval of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam with ISO 9001: 2008. Its ingredients are completely benign with precious herbs from nature, easily absorbed into the body, very effective for liver – bile and detoxification for the body, “cure” for your liver.

Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical wishes you always healthy!