Should ginger drink in the evening?

Every time I go to bed, I have a habit of drinking ginger tea, but many people recommend it to be poisonous at night. Please consult your doctor.


In Oriental medicine, ginger has three types: sinh khương (fresh ginger), can khương (dried ginger), and khương (grilled ginger). In particular, fresh ginger is suitable for everyone, can be taken at any time if taken in the right dosage. Particularly hot people in the body should not drink dried ginger or grilled ginger in the evening will heat up, causing difficulty sleeping, not harming health or accumulating toxins.

Ginger is most effective when taken every morning on the principle of taking one week, take a week off. Ginger peeled, crushed, boiled and then drinking water. People taking oral anticoagulants, hypotension, hypoglycemia … should monitor or use the lowest dose.