Risk of impotence from using drugs to treat erectile dysfunction immediately

Question: Hi pharmacist, I’m 39 years old. I would like to ask if I frequently use erectile dysfunction medicine to prolong the sexual intercourse, so will there be any effect later? Thank you

(Duc Minh, 39 years old, Bien Hoa)


Hello, erectile dysfunction medicine are a type of medicine to support the penis erection or prolong the erection during intercourse. Currently, erectile dysfunction medicine has three main forms: oral, topical, and spray.

_ There are two contrary effects from using such medicine. The advantage of immediate erectile dysfunction medicine is fast effect and to prolong the intercourse after only a few hours of use, causing many people to depend on it and so they must use it every intercourse to feel confident.

_ But most drugs that treat erectile dysfunction in a “right way” way are actually a method of localized blood accumulation in the penis by inhibiting enzyme phosphodiesteraza 5 (PDE 5), which helps blood reach the penis and get longer time of erection. However, the longer the erection period lasts, the greater the amount of blood mobilized to the penis are, causing anemia in some organs, especially in the brain and heart, which is life-threatening, especially in people with cardiovascular disease, blood pressure.

_The drugs can cause many dangerous consequences for health. The current trend in traditional Chinese medicine is to help men improve endogenous testosterone levels, that is, stimulate the body to self-regulate and produce according to the needs of each person in each age, with herbs specialized for men. We advise you to treat the erectile dysfunction from the original cause of the disease to get effective and safe result.

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