Revolutionary hemorrhoids revolution for drivers

Due to the nature of the job, the driver’s wing faces many diseases. In which hemorrhoids are very susceptible diseases. This is a disease caused by excessive stretching of the hemorrhoid vein plexus (or aneurysm) in the tissue surrounding the anus. In the normal state, these tissues will help control the discharge of feces when they swell due to swelling or inflammation called hemorrhoids.

Why is a driver prone to hemorrhoids?

– The typical job often has to sit in one place, balance posture and in a state of extreme concentration should put pressure on the anus. Increases the likelihood of congestion and leads to bloody bowel movements

– The road is not flat, sitting long easy to squeeze on hemorrhoids. – Sitting regularly also makes hemorrhoids tufts unhygienic, not ventilated, easily infected.

– Special job should often eat in moderation, often use fast food, less water, coffee, tobacco much increases the risk of constipation. Favorable factors for causing hemorrhoids.

Drivers need to look for any symptoms to know if they have hemorrhoids:

– Defecation with red blood. This is the earliest symptom and also the most common symptom. At first, discreet bleeding, later blood into droplets or spray into the beam as cut chicken blood.

– Pain in the anus, may also be painless or minor. Pain sometimes with clogged or cracked anus.

– Swelling in the anus region: When there is an exacerbation or when the hemorrhoids prolapse, the hemorrhoids may swell quite large.

– Rust and itching of the anal area due to inflammation of the anal canal.

Hemorrhoids at levels 1 and 2, patients often have symptoms such as: Pain and bleeding during defecation, pruritus ani, discharge of skin inflammation, itching and wet inflammation around the anus.

At level 3 and 4 hemorrhoids, the internal hemorrhoids (internal hemorrhoids) become excessively congested or cause clogged or cracked, anal abscesses, or external hemorrhoids (external hemorrhoids) to become infected ulcers, severe bleeding or forming blood clots in hemorrhoids, there is a risk of dangerous complications and the birth of other diseases.

The group of people who sit a lot like drivers or office workers, tailors … may have both internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. If not treated early, patients increasingly feel entangled, uncomfortable, bleeding and more painful every time defecation.