Q: How to effective treat premature ejaculation? Recently, about 1 minute after starting sexual intercourse, I ejaculate. I have suffered that issue for dozens of times, sometimes I even got ejaculated when my wife just touched me. My wife and I are extremely worried about my situation, so it is harmful? Please show me a few simple methods to overcome the problem. Thank you!

(Nguyen Tuan – Nha Trang).

Hello Nguyen Tuan.

According to the physicians of Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical, “If ejaculation occurs when it is about 1 minute after starting sexual intercourse and even it has not had sexual intercourse, for dozens of times, you definitely have premature ejaculation. ”

1 / What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a relatively common physiological disease among men, especially for teenagers, first-time men or those who often have masturbation. Although this disease does not adversely affect health, it also has some negative effects on the psychology, health and well-being of couples.

Prolonged premature ejaculation always causes certain harm to the body of the patient as follows:

– Premature ejaculation has an impact on psychology, makes men always worried, shy when having sex. In case, the disease is incubated for too long, does not relieve, it is easy to lead to depression, impatient or avoiding “sex”.

– Prolonged premature ejaculation will make the patient always tired, distracted. The decrease in libido is also the result of premature ejaculation, can turn to erectile dysfunction, impaired sexual ability and impotence at worst.

– If you ejaculate when the penis is not in the vagina, it cannot conceive. In this case, men are at a very high risk of infertility. The couple’s happiness is affected, leading to quarrels, argument which are the negative effects of premature ejaculation when both husband and wife cannot be satisfied.

2/ The current popular treatment of premature ejaculation:

Treatment of premature ejaculation cannot be completed in just one or two days. Therefore, patients should be patient to use according to the prescribed doctor treatment regimen.

+ Western medicine: Some medicines used to treat premature ejaculation are now commonly used as creams, sprays, etc.

Advantage: These drugs work to improve the time of ejaculation, help men last longer and sublimate more in every love. At the same time, these drugs are quite handy.

Defect: Men who take medicine to treat premature ejaculation are effective only for the moment, it will repeat.

Note: Patients should take prescription drugs, avoid giving up or abusing.

+ Oriental medicines: These drugs have many kinds, some of these remedies have been popular today as oriental traditional medicine Testovim – Trang duong bo than of Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical Company. This remedy is widely used because of its benign, radical and sustainable therapeutic effect.

This drug penetrates into each body cell, works directly on the kidneys and enhances the function of the kidneys, thereby improving the concentration of male sex hormones.

Advantages: Radical cure, high efficiency and safety for all people.

Defect: Treating the root disease with gradual effect so it makes patients feel discouraged, it needs to persevere to drink 2-3 months to get clear results.

Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical wishes you and your family always happy and healthy!