Bighead – liver tonic, good eyesight

Silver carp also has inter-fish names, white catapults, and wards. Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Sauvage scientific name.

(white carp); Aristichthys nobilis Richardson. (bighead carp), common carp (Cyprinidae). Bighead is a nutritious food, good for health, can be processed into delicious dishes with diverse effects on many diseases.

Fish meat has many protid; fish fat is high in unsaturated fatty acids; The fish bile contains sterols similar to those of carp and carp. In addition, there are Ca, P, Fe, there are many types of amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, A, nicotinic acid. According to Oriental medicine, sesame is sweet, warm, non-toxic. Sesame meat is delicious and fat; have effects on brain marrow, laxative and spleen benefits. Ancient medicine books have written: Fish meat has the effect of appetizing, lowering gas, regulating the five organs, preventing artery damage, liver tonic, good eyesight. Used for cases of spleen damage, poor appetite, abdominal pain, bloating, rough skin, peeling skin and dry skin. Elderly people use sesame regularly against headaches, memory loss, productive cough, asthma. Here are some dishes from sesame fish.

Starting sesame soup: Fresh sesame 300g, starting 30g. Tilapia cleaned, only fish meat, sliced ​​thin; Cook thoroughly with starter and seasoning powder, before eating can add bean sprouts, ginger, coriander, celery, onion, pepper, eat during the day. Good use for people with depression, fever, anorexia.

Bighead gourd with yellow saffron seeds: 1 individual bream, 30g melon seeds, 10g yellow turmeric. Soup soup, eat once a day. This dish is very good for damaged women, postpartum lack of milk.

Fresh sesame seeds soup: 1 fish each, fresh ginger 1 bulb (20 – 30g). Cleaning sesame; fresh ginger scrapes the skin, pounding, but still contains the tubers; Add pepper, fresh onions, and soup. Eat continuously for 5 – 7 days. Good for people who suffer from bad taste, bad welding, poor appetite, indigestion, belching, fear of cold, asthma, vomiting.

Red carp stewed sesame fish: 1 sesame fish, red bean 30g. Tilapia clean, stewed with red beans, just enough water, add spices, eat during the day. Round use 5-7 days. Suitable for patients with edema, little urination.

Ca ma tunnel head cauliflower: sesame head 1 piece, natural ghost 15g. Head clean, give the same ghost, spice and water just enough, stewed to eat during the day. Eat a batch of 5-7 days. Good for people with dizziness (illusory vocabulary), tired arms and legs.

Taboo: Sesame tempered, eat more internal heat, thirst, mouth ulcers. Therefore, people with a positive body condition, constipation, constipation, pimples should not eat. Do not eat sesame salad or eat uncooked fish because the fish often carry liver fluke larvae.