Question: Dear pharmacist, my baby is nearly 3 years old. Recently, I have found that my baby does not like eating. It eats less than usually. Although there has been no sign of losing weight, I am still quite worried and sometimes so irritable, forcing my child to eat. We hope you can help me!

(Misa’s mother, Da Lat)

Answer: Hi Misa’s mother!

Anorexia is the common story of many mothers. Sometimes just because of psychology or because of discomfort in the person … which leads to anorexia, skip meals. Over time, it can make a child more lazy to eat, falling into anorexia, affecting the physical and mental development.

As a mother, everyone must be worried. But, be a wise mother, help your children solve this problem scientifically.

The first thing is to “never” force your children to “eat”.

If you force your children to eat and have “cramming” ideas, or imperative statements such as: “You must eat them all …”. This causes aversion to the children, making them feel “afraid” “to eat” and produce anorexia.

According to nutrition experts, forcing children to eat will make children afraid of eating, lazy to eat and risk of affecting the affection of parents and children.

Instead of forcing, try a softer approach like asking your children what they like to eat and trying to make them feel “want to eat” rather than “force them to eat”.

Secondly, create a happy atmosphere when eating

Eating inspiration is also a great way to stimulate your digestive system and help your children taste better. You don’t need to flatter, yell at your children, try to make that dish become very attractive. Your children are easy to be lured. Especially with the dishes of colorful, vivid and attractive food.

Children should be given the right to choose food and dishes, of course with guidance and according to a certain framework.

And thirdly, it is very important, need the coordination of the whole family in the treatment of anorexia for children. It is giving children scientific eating habits.

Eat at the right meal, on time. Eat enough nutrients and ensure essential nutrition: For young children, they need to be provided with proteins, sugars, lipids, minerals, micronutrients, which can be broken down into several meals a day. to ensure the necessary amount of nutrition. Constantly changing the menu for your children, creating a new, attractive feeling when eating.

In addition, you should also let children use Thanh Thanh Tam x abo Quan Quang of natural origin to help replenish necessary micronutrients in time, so that children will eat more delicious.

Xuan Quang Oriental Pharmaceutical wishes you and your baby always healthy!